28mm Skirmish Crossroads 1 "The Lift"

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"Chok looked at the huge door in the floor and back to his small crowbar, he didnt think it was gonna cut it. The Mother said there must be equipment and supplies down there so open it, then she'd wandered off with the rest of the crew. He scratches his head and opens a smaller panel in the floor, there were labels but his reading was limited. Closing his eyes, a clawed finger stabs at a random button. In his self imposed darkness he smiles to himself as a large clang signals the hydraulics have engaged. Opening his eyes he peeks over the edge and straight into a large silencer attached to a very long sniper rifle......."

3D Gaming board for 28mm (1/56) scale games. A tunnel crossroads sits beneath removable floor sections with details round the outside. Centre can be supported with acrylic rods (provided) to produce a higher level. Can be attached to other products in the range to produce a large gaming layout, 6 clips provided.

Made from 3mm and 1.5mm MDF, 12mm Dowels supplied. Products supplied unpainted and requiring assembly.

Measures 304 x 304 x 75 mm (12 x 12 x 3 inch approx)

All products are made to order