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Posted by Craig Birks on

Welcome to the the first View from Uncertain Towers, this is a blog / progress report / workbench view / secondary point of contact..... (tertiary, quad.....), one of the points of contact for Uncertain Scenery.

Ill try my best to do it weekly on a Friday (i know this is a Saturday but hey), some will be useful and will have pictures, notes and questions. Others may just be me venting about life and work so beware.

Today i will apologise for being a bit silent, life has been taking centre stage and social media hasnt.

Next ive been working in a Christmas present for my youngest daughter.

Yes it is a dolls house in 1/6 or Barbie scale and i can get away with posting here because she doesn't have real internet access yet.

Hopefully the lessons learned here can be scaled down to 28 and even 15mm, more detail ahead.

Just to reassure people waiting for certain teased products, normal service will be resumed fully after Christmas maybe a little before.




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